Sunday, June 9, 2013

ACTIVITY: Jesse Tree: Noah's Ark & Rainbow Covenant

jesse tree noah's ark rainbow felt

4th Day of Advent: Noah's Ark & Rainbow Covenant

  • A quick note...this project is done in layers, and it's important to layer each piece on top of the one below. Be sure to follow the directions in order!
  • BASE PATTERN: Draw on sketch paper (or print out my photo and use that as a template) the design. Then, lay the design on red felt and cut the entire shape out...not just the red rainbow piece. Cut two, as these will become the base to which all the other pieces will be attached as well as the back of the ornament to hide all the stitches. 
    • Start with the orange felt. Make a rainbow curve just inside (approx. 1/4 inch) the red base. Using the orange thread, sew a basic stitch to attach the orange to the red. TIP: make the ends of the rainbow nice and long as they will end up covered by the cloud and ark. 
    • Next, cut the yellow curve so it just overlaps the orange. Cut it out and sew it in place, picking up the very bottom of the orange rainbow in the stitch. They should overlap and you want your needle to sew through the overlap. Repeat with the green and blue.
  • CLOUD: create a cloud from your original pattern; it should overlap each of the left end rainbow curves. Basically, each color in the rainbow should tuck underneath the cloud. Stitch the cloud onto the red base, sewing through the rainbow curves which fit nicely under the cloud. 
  • ELEPHANT: cut out an elephant from your template, as well as an ear. Make an eye using a french knot. Position the elephant's body on the rainbow, and stitch in place. Lay the ear over the elephant's body, and stitch in place.
  • LION: cut two shapes out of your pattern - one circle in brown and one circle with ears from tan. Lay the tan head onto the brown mane. Add two eyes and a nose with french knots - these should go through both the tan and brown felt as this attaches them together. Add in a little backstitched tiger smile :)  Adhere the lion's mane to the red felt base, overlaping the rainbow curves. I used orange thread & liked the contrast! 
  • ARK: using your pattern, cut out the ark and some blue waves. Sew the blue waves to the ark, then sew the ark onto the red base, overlapping the elephant and parts of the rainbow. 
  • ATTACHING FRONT TO BACK: backstitch the two red felt pieces together. You'll have to sneak a few stitches underneath the cloud, ark, and lion so the red doesn't show on the front of your ornament. Remember, all you're doing is attaching the front red piece to the back red piece - don't pick up any of the colored felt. Also, be sure to add some stuffing just before you sew it all up!


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