Sunday, February 17, 2013

ACTIVITY: Stations of the Cross Magnets

I know, I's barely been the First Sunday of Lent and I already have a project for the Second Sunday of Lent. I was just too excited about this to not share!!! So, consider this a bonus in that you now have an entire week to pick up the supplies. I promise, there aren't many!

They say inspiration can strike at any time, and for this project, that's exactly what happened. I'm in a MOPS group (which I highly recommend to any moms of faith with children) and we made a craft last week at our meeting. It was the perfect craft, because I had been trying to think of a new, creative activity for teaching the Stations of the Cross and voila! I realized the activity we did could be modified to meet my Stations project. Perfect!

So, without further adieu,  I bring you Stations of the Cross magnets! 

teaching stations of the cross project magnets activity kids families children

These magnets are a great teaching tool. They are very easy to make (see instructions and downloadable template below), and have the added benefit of a) providing you an opportunity to teach each station as you make the magnet for that specific station and b) can be played with / reordered / sorted on the fridge as a teaching tool not only during Lent but year-round should you chose to leave them up. As these print small, the second page of the downloadable template is a list of all stations in a font you can actually read.

I searched quite a while for the right pattern for the magnets - and found amazing hand-drawn stations by Melissa, over at St. Brigid's Academy. She's so talented! 

  • 14 stations printable (download free template here - again, credit goes to Melissa for creating these. All I did was shrink them down to the right size). A tip: don't use markers...when I was testing this out, I colored the first with Crayola markers and - when I applied the glue - the colors ran. I had great success with colored pencils
  • 14 large 1.5"-2" glass "jewels" (you can find them at most craft stores - I bought mine at Michaels with a coupon). 
  • Clear tacky glue. Be sure it is the gel kind that comes in a bottle. Most kinds will work as long as it's a gel and says it dries clear.
  • Magnets. STRONG MAGNETS.
  • Glue gun (use glue gun even if your magnets are sticky on one side)

  • Color and cut out the 14 circles representing each of the 14 stations (see Figure A)
  • Squirt glue onto the PHOTO (the top) part of each paper circle, one at a time (see Figure B)
  • Place the glass jewel/marble on top of the photo and lightly press down to get out the air and ensure the glue flows to the edges of the paper circle (see Figure C)
  • Repeat 13 times, and let dry 
  • Place or glue the magnet on the back of each piece of paper, and let dry
  • Clean up the glue that now covers your fingers and table. Kidding. Not really. 
  • Tip: Let your magnets dry overnight. They're pretty sturdy once dry and - should they ever come unattached from the glass, a quick new layer of glue will resecure them no problem. 

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NOTE: This project also links up on Catholic Inspired and Catholic Carnival.


  1. This is a wonderful project! I've had those glass beads and magnets to back them for over a year and didn't have a plan in mind. Thank you!

  2. Katie, great! I'm so glad to hear it. Let me know how your project goes, ok?

  3. Now I know why you were psyched about this project. It's perfect for teaching kids. Do you think first graders could make this craft? I'm wondering if they'd be patient enough? When my son was young, we went to a local MOPS program too. We did make this craft with cute scrapbook paper. I think I picked out ones that said faith, love and hope.

    1. son is only 1.5yrs old, so I don't have much experience with first graders :) In terms of ease, it's simple and they could do it. The question would be if they could do it 14 times. Hey, at least they won't try eating the glass marbles like my son did!

  4. By the way, I'm a big fan of Melissa's too!

  5. Hopping over from Catholic Inspired's Linky party. I love the images you used on your magnets! I made these several years ago but used different images and with Mod Podge (found that it sealed the images better; after a while the glue tended to pull away from the gem if I just glued them). I call them prayer gems because I didn't put magnets on the back--we hold them while praying the stations. You can see my blog post here:

    I also made some for the "Stations of Light" which we pray after Easter. These are such a wonderful tool!

    Still have a bag of these and am looking for other creative ways to use them!

    You have some wonderfully creative ideas! I've added your blog to my feed reader.


    1. Cheryl, I just checked out your stations "gems" - great minds think alike :) I love how clear your images came out - where did you find your gems? The ones I bought at Michaels were clear but the bottom had a slight ripple effect, making them ever so slightly opaque.

    2. Jen,

      I think I purchased them at Dollar Tree, but it was several years ago. Occasionally I will find the round ones at Dollar Tree, but now they seem to carry more oblong ones (at least around here).

      I love the images you used; very kid-friendly!

      I like the idea of putting magnets behind them; then the kids can use them on the refrigerator or a cookie sheet.


  6. Cheryl, I think the Mod Podge is a great idea - this is the first time I've made these and, for now, they're holding...but a great future suggestion. I like the idea of the prayer gems, too. Very creative!

  7. Thanks Jen for making me blush a few times! You too Noreen! I'm so glad that these drawings are going to such great use in teaching the faith. I love the magnet idea, as well as Cheryl's idea to have the children hold the gem as they pray. So beautifully inspired. I really think the Holy Spirit is directing us in each other's paths. God bless!

    1. Aww, you deserve it! Your drawings are wonderful - I couldn't have done this project without you :)